Maple’s Family Tree


I had met one of Maple’s relatives at a show and liked the cat’s overall look and personality. That was how I found out about Maple’s breeder. In the beginning, I looked up photos of Maple’s relatives in her family tree. I studied photos of kittens from earlier litters. I studied cats from other breeders who were related to Maple, and watched how THEIR kittens developed. I even followed Maple’s cousin on Instagram who is around the same age and he looks so similar to her! I learned what to look for and what traits I liked. It was important that the lines have a sweet, loving temperament, and Maple definitely has that!


When it was time to pick my kitten, I chose the girl who looked the most like her Dad, Dobrinya (pictured as a 4 month old kitten). Maple gets her great spotted pattern and cute white mitts from her Dad. Maple has a nice wide head and muzzle and beautiful eye shape similar to her grandmother Uslada (Ruslan’s daughter). Ruslan has a strong and wild look and was an accomplished show cat. Maple’s paternal grandfather is Altyn Onix Gloria, a handsome and very sweet boy from an old Russian line. Maple also has a feminine look and rounded eyes that are characteristic of her maternal side – you can see Maple has a similar face and expression as her mother, Anna.

We hope Maple’s kittens will get just the perfect balance of all her wonderful relatives!

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