Adoption Information

Our kittens come with:

-Health guarantee.

-1 week trial period (just in case there are allergy problems – we want all families to be happy with their kitten). Please see our allergy page.

-Vet checks, nail trim, and vaccines/preventative de-worming per veterinary recommendations.

-TICA registration application.

-Lifelong support if you have questions or want to share photos. We love keeping in touch!

Kittens go home around 12-14 weeks of age, depending on their development: here’s why.

Our purchase agreement asks you to:

-Not allow the cat to roam freely outdoors.

-Never to declaw the cat – this is the equivalent of amputating a person’s fingers and can lead to lifelong behavioral issues. Siberians are easily trained to use a scratching post.

-Keep your cat in good health, including regular veterinary care and grooming.

-Please consider a diet that consists of some or all wet/canned cat food or a raw food diet. An all-kibble diet is not good for cats and puts them at risk of costly (and preventable) conditions like diabetes, kidney disease, obesity, urinary obstructions, and dental disease. We are happy to share our raw food recipe & ingredients – it is as easy as making a big chili and you don’t have to do it often.

Reservation Process

-We do not have a waitlist. Once a litter is born, we will post updates and let families know when reservations are open – usually this will happen once kittens are a few weeks old. Priority will go to families who have previously contacted us with a thoughtful email. So, if you are seriously interested in a kitten and are willing to wait until we have kittens, please email us here. Tell us about your family and why you are interested in a Siberian.

-We will want to chat with you on the phone to get to know each other a bit more before offering a kitten.

-Once the litter is a few weeks old and it’s time to match kittens with their families, we ask for a $250 deposit to reserve your special baby. The balance is due at or before picking up your kitten.

-We reserve the right to keep any kittens for our breeding program. Please be patient with the process as we evaluate the kittens and help all families make the best match possible ❤