Litters and Kittens

We’re Expecting a Winter Litter

We’re expecting kittens from Maple and Voevoda!

This litter is a collaboration with our friends at Siberion cattery in Shrewsbury, MA. Voevoda is Double Grand Champion and is a solid, heavy boy. He has a calm and kind personality. He has a marble pattern with great contrast and deep green eyes. He has a nice head and “lynx tips” on his ears, reminiscent of the aboriginal Siberian of old! Voevoda has passed the health tests and standards for temperament that we are proud to carefully choose in our breeding program.

Edit: 12/26/21 We had 4 kittens born and our wait list is full at this time. We are not taking new inquiries for this litter.

If you are interested in a kitten, please see the Kitten Adoption Page for information to include in your inquiry to us. If you have contacted us previously, NOW IS A GOOD TIME to email us again if you are still interested, because we will be going through inquiries in the next couple of weeks to start the reservation process. Priority will be given to families who emailed us previously and who took time to tell us about yourself/your family and why you would like a kitten from us.

Kittens will likely be brown tabby or brown tabby with white (like the parents) and will likely be ready for new homes around mid/late March.


Maple’s Family Tree


I had met one of Maple’s relatives at a show and liked the cat’s overall look and personality. That was how I found out about Maple’s breeder. In the beginning, I looked up photos of Maple’s relatives in her family tree. I studied photos of kittens from earlier litters. I studied cats from other breeders who were related to Maple, and watched how THEIR kittens developed. I even followed Maple’s cousin on Instagram who is around the same age and he looks so similar to her! I learned what to look for and what traits I liked. It was important that the lines have a sweet, loving temperament, and Maple definitely has that!


When it was time to pick my kitten, I chose the girl who looked the most like her Dad, Dobrinya (pictured as a 4 month old kitten). Maple gets her great spotted pattern and cute white mitts from her Dad. Maple has a nice wide head and muzzle and beautiful eye shape similar to her grandmother Uslada (Ruslan’s daughter). Ruslan has a strong and wild look and was an accomplished show cat. Maple’s paternal grandfather is Altyn Onix Gloria, a handsome and very sweet boy from an old Russian line. Maple also has a feminine look and rounded eyes that are characteristic of her maternal side – you can see Maple has a similar face and expression as her mother, Anna.

We hope Maple’s kittens will get just the perfect balance of all her wonderful relatives!