Our Mission

Our mission is to bring the joy and companionship that our Siberians have brought us, to you.

We seek to preserve the Siberian cat in all that it stands for in health, temperament, and type.

We breed for loving and harmonious personality, solid body structure, and correct coat. We aim to increase genetic diversity and ensure the happiness and health of each cat as an individual.  Our cats are from breeders who share these values. Our cats are tested for genetic diseases (PKD, PKD-1, and HCM). 

We demonstrate our commitment to producing outstanding Siberians by socializing our kittens to all aspects of home life; showing our cats; feeding a top-quality diet; and only breeding cats of excellent health, personality, and conformation.

Breeder Red Flags

  1. Ignorant of the breed’s genetic defects – a breeder should have a plan to help prevent health defects in his/her cats.
  2. Sends kittens home too early (before 10-12 weeks).
  3. Appears unknowledgeable when answering questions about the breed.
  4. The cats live in cages, bathrooms, garage, etc. If the breeder doesn’t post any candid “house photos” of their cats and kittens, it could be a bad sign. We invite you to follow our Facebook and Instagram so you can see real-life photos of our cats hanging out with us and loving life!
  5. Has little to say about the individual character of their cats and kittens.
  6. Doesn’t ask you many questions and doesn’t seem concerned with the kind of home their kittens go to.
  7. Seems to have too many cats in one household or has kittens available all the time. *We are a small family breeding program and our Siberians are our companions. Our cats live with us as treasured members of the family.
Maple @ 1 year old