Our Mission

We seek to preserve the Siberian’s sweet personality and improve type (appearance), especially in the Neva Masquerade color variety.  We aim to increase genetic diversity and ensure the happiness and health of each cat as an individual.  We work with other breeders who share these values and who cultivate low-allergen lines free of genetic health problems.

We demonstrate our commitment to producing outstanding Siberians by socializing our kittens to all aspects of home life; showing our adults; feeding a top-quality diet; and only breeding cats of excellent health, personality, and conformation.

Breeder Red Flags

  1. Ignorant of the breed’s genetic defects – a breeder should have a plan to help prevent health defects in his/her cats
  2. Sends kittens home too early (before 10-12 weeks)
  3. Appears unknowledgeable when answering questions about the breed
  4. Some of the cats live in kennels, bathrooms, etc.
  5. Has little to say about the individual character of their cats and kittens
  6. Doesn’t ask you many questions and doesn’t seem concerned with the kind of home their kittens go to
  7. Seems to have too many cats in one household. *Note – our male Zuko is our only furbaby!  The mom-cats live with our breeding partners, meaning that all cats live as treasured pets with full run of their houses.
2018-05-05 16.28.19.jpg
Zuko earning “Best Longhair Cat” at a show – he was the best out of 40 other longhair cats!