CH. Charodey Maple of Ciderspice

  • Color: Brown spotted tabby w/ white – does not carry colorpoint (blue-eyed) gene.
  • Birthday: 06/08/2020

Maple is a snuggly and outgoing girl with a “lap dog” personality. She is friends with everyone she meets and she even likes dogs. She’s playful, a great jumper, and LOVES feathers! Maple has an amazingly loving and curious temperament. She enjoys cooking with us and being a part of everything we do, she is just the best little companion. She has gorgeous round eyes, and a soft glossy coat with very correct triple layer coat structure.

  • Favorite activities: movie nights snuggling on the couch, hunting small bugs, learning tricks
  • Favorite treats: shrimp and freeze dried chicken treats
  • Health: NEGATIVE for PKD and PKD-1 (genetic kidney diseases). HCM NEGATIVE screened in June 2021 by veterinary cardiologist Nancy Morris DVM.
  • Show Titles: TICA Champion

Mom: Charodey Anna Dad: RW SGC Charodey Dobrinya

You can see Maple’s family in our blog post here.