Charodey Maple of Ciderspice (future queen!)

  • Color: Brown spotted tabby w/ white – does not carry colorpoint (blue-eyed) gene.
  • Birthday: 06/08/2020

Maple is a snuggly and outgoing girl with a “lap dog” personality! She is friends with everyone she meets and she even likes dogs. She’s playful, a great jumper, and LOVES feathers! She has gorgeous round eyes and a soft glossy coat. She has an amazingly sweet temperament characteristic of the Charodey bloodlines, so we are confident that this loving personality will get passed to her kittens. We hope she will have her first litter around late fall 2021. Thank you to Maple’s breeder, Natalya at Charodey Siberians, for our special girl.

  • Favorite activities: movie nights snuggling on the couch, hunting small bugs, learning tricks
  • Favorite treats: shrimp and freeze dried chicken treats
  • Health: NEGATIVE for PKD and PKD-1 (genetic kidney diseases). HCM NEGATIVE screened in June by veterinary cardiologist Nancy Morris DVM.

Mom: Charodey Anna

Dad: RW SGC Charodey Dobrinya