Charodey Maple of Ciderspice (future queen!)

Maple, 4 months old

Maple is a very snuggly and social girl with a “lap dog” personality! She’s playful, a great jumper, and LOVES feathers! She has gorgeous round eyes and soft, fluffy coat. We hope she will have our first litter around fall of 2021.

Maple is lab-tested NEGATIVE for PKD and PKD-1 (genetic kidney diseases)


CH. Zlatosvet Severnoe Siyanie, “Zuko” (Retired)

siberian breeder new england

Zuko is a big cat with the fluffiest tail you’ve ever seen.  His coat is unbelievably plush like an arctic fox.  His color is seal lynx point and he has the deepest blue eyes I have ever seen. He is now retired from breeding and is our treasured companion.

Zuko has a dog-like personality and runs to the door to greet us when we come
home.  If you start petting his head, he immediately begins purring.  He loves playing with feathers, paper bags, and plastic spring toys.  Nothing seems to ruffle his calm and trusting disposition, not even crowds at the show hall or going to the vet.