Siberian Cat Information

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The Siberian is perfect for first-time cat owners, young families, or people who want a cat that behaves like a dog!

APPEARANCE: The Siberian is a stocky longhair cat native to Russia.  They have a dense triple coat, but luckily the coat does not mat easily – a quick combing a couple times a week keeps it in perfect shape.  Average weight of an adult male is around 13 – 18 pounds; females tend to be smaller.  The Siberian comes in a colorpoint variety that retains blue eyes for life (like the Siamese or Ragdoll) as well as “traditional” colors (e.g., brown tabby, red, tortie, etc).

BEHAVIOR: The Siberian is highly trainable and can be taught to walk on a harness,palmsunday copy which Zuko loves.  They communicate with chirps, meows, and trills.  They are good at telling you what they want!  They are intuitive and seem to know when their humans need comfort.  Generally they get along great with children, other pets, and new people, as they have a confident, easygoing temperament.  The Siberian enjoys a long kittenhood and will remain playful their entire life, but tend to mellow with age.

The Siberian is ideal for:

  • People who want a dog-like cat
  • Individuals with cat allergies
  • Families with children
  • Households that already have a dog or cat
  • If you want a social cat who will follow you around and loves being near you

Consider a different breed if:

  • You are rarely home or want a cat that will entertain itself – the Siberian forms strong bonds with his/her family and will become lonely without regular interaction.
  • You want a sedate lap cat – the Siberian is moderately active and thrives on daily playtime.  They may prefer to be near you rather than directly on you.
  • You want to let your cat go outdoors on their own – the Siberian’s inquisitive, trusting nature makes them vulnerable to dangers outdoors. We recommend they stay inside unless supervised on a leash & harness.
  • You can’t stand shedding – low-allergen does not mean low shedding!  Regular combing and bathing will reduce shedding, but they still shed like any other cat, especially in the spring. Acclimate your kitten to enjoy combing while they are still young even if they don’t need it yet – our cats LOVE to be groomed because we give them treats while we do it, so it’s one of their favorite activities!