“I’m Allergic – Will A Siberian Work For Me?”

Siberian kittens CTMost people who are allergic to cats can tolerate a Siberian!  Siberians produce lower levels of the Fel-D1 protein that causes allergic reactions.

I personally have moderate cat allergies and live in a small house with my Siberians with no issues – I have no reaction even after snuggling with them or cleaning the litter box.

Cats in our breeding program live with allergy-sufferers without any problems, which means our kittens will generally be suitable for people with mild to moderate allergies.


Much of the allergic response comes from dander build-up in your home over time.  That is why the best thing that allergy-sufferers can do is to dust and vacuum regularly.  A small fur sample isn’t enough to tell how you will react to living with the cat 24/7. Additionally, “allergy tests” cannot guarantee anything – it really depends on each individual kitten and each person’s sensitivity.

Remember that even low-allergen parents can produce a normal-allergen kitten and that even a kitten lab tested for low Fel-D1 levels may still trigger allergies a little. This is why “allergy testing” is unreliable – the only way to really know is to live with a kitten. There is always the chance of having some reaction to any Siberian – you can expect reduced symptoms compared to other cat breeds, but understand that with any Siberian there is no guarantee of being completely symptom-free. However, we do not want any of our families to be unhappy with a kitten or live with a kitten they are allergic to, so we offer a trial period for you to see if you have an allergic reaction and if you are happy with the kitten and may offer an in-home visit prior to adoption if you are seriously considering a kitten. If you have adopted a kitten from us and end up having bad allergic reactions, we are willing to take back the kitten and issue a refund.

This video on the Dr. Oz show has some great tips for how people with cat allergies can live happily with a feline friend!  For more information about the Siberian breed in general, check out this Cats 101 episode

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