Our breeding program is about bringing you the fluffy family member you’ve always dreamed of

Our cats are first and foremost our beautiful and lovable companions and fur family, and that’s what we aim to bring to you.

Kittens are raised in our living room where we spend lots of time observing them and interacting with them. We get to know their personalities, the toys they like, how they like to play, how they respond to unfamiliar situations or obstacles, and what kind of human attention they prefer. It is important to us that all kittens have their best lives, so we put a lot of time and attention into the process.

About Us

My name is Jana and I firmly believe in my breeding program’s mission. We’re always there for the families who adopt one of our kittens. I have a PhD in psychology and both my husband and I work from home, which means your kitten gets lots of personal attention and interaction.

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