About Us


Our kittens are socialized with kids from the time they are born ❤

Our Breeding Program

Our cats are first and foremost our family members.  Before kittens are even born, we devote hundreds of hours to showing and research.  Each mating is planned months in advance with specific goals in mind.  Our cats are selected for healthy pedigrees free of genetic disorders, rock-solid temperaments, and world-champion bloodlines.  We focus on the the Neva Masquerade (colorpoint) variety, which is known for their super-soft coats and striking sky blue eyes.  

About Your Kitten’s Mom and Dad

We are a small circle of Siberian breeders in MA, CT, and NY who work together, meaning that each cat lives with his/her own loving family.  This system is common in Europe and ensures that each cat lives as a treasured family member with full run of the house.  We are proud that our NevaMasquerade Siberian
cats completely own the homes they live in!
 We never isolate our cats in cages, kennels, or single rooms.  Our Prince Zuko enjoys walks outside on his harness, learning tricks, and playtime with our neighbor’s kitty.

Our cats, cattery, and kittens are registered with TICA (The International Cat Association).  We attend cat shows throughout the Northeast in TICA and CFA.

Who We Are

My name is Jana, founder of CiderSpice Siberians.  I firmly believe in my breeding program’s mission and am smitten with the Siberian breed!  I strive to maintain a personal relationship with all of the families who adopt our kittens and appreciate updates about how your cat is doing.  We are happy to help new owners whenever they need us.  Feel free to connect with us on Facebook!