Kitten Updates

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“We are coming up on one month since little Mila has been home. I wanted to share some (okay, a lot of) updates. First, she’s growing like a weed! I feel like everyday there is a just noticeable difference in her size. She’s FULL of energy which has been wonderful for Logan. The first couple of days he sort of kept his distance. So he was pretty hissy if she came too close. She was not impressed with all his huffing and puffing and gave it right back! But by the third day she’d won him over. She she didn’t make it easy on him though, she made him earn it! Lol Surprisingly though, she slept in our bed from day one, he slept in his usual spot in the cat tree by the bed. They were always okay to be in the same room even on day one, just not right next to each other at that time. By the end of the week though, you would never have known they were having an awkward time in the very beginning. Now you usually don’t see one without the other, I find them snuggling often. She’s grown to love him so much that she cries if he’s left the room or can’t find him! He usually comes back to check on her and if he doesn’t hang right with her, he’ll find a spot where she can still see him. It’s pretty adorable. He’s trying to teach her the “rules” (as he sees them) as far as what is appropriate and what isn’t, but her personality is pretty big and she usually doesn’t listen to him! Lol He still tries though! She’s learning some tricks. She’s getting really good at sit and gentle (if she gets excited about a treat she can be pretty grabby). She is just starting to pick up on high five. She’s bringing out the bravery and confidence in Logan. She has never hid or run away and we are noticing that he’s trying to be more social and brave when we have company because she is. She really isn’t afraid of much! He freely shares his love and wisdom with her. They balance each other so well! 

I know Logan like the back of my hand and had full faith and trust in him that he would be gentle and kind to her. I knew that it would take the right personality for him to have the best relationship with a new family member. There are plenty of Siberian traits that are compatible for Logan, but the part you can’t control is the exact personality. Each kitty is who they are regardless. I have to say that you absolutely nailed it with Mila! Your careful observation and honest description of who she is as a kitty was spot on! I couldn’t have dreamed of a better match for my guy than her. The three of us are so in love with her and while she’s only been here a few weeks, it’s already so hard to believe that we ever lived without her. She immediately made herself at home and became a part of our family. It was like she’s always been here. I can’t get over how easily she adjusted from the moment I opened her carrier when we brought her home. She does like to adventure, trips to see my parents are a favorite. I think harness training is in her near future! 

I probably could have just said “she’s thriving!” But it seemed it wouldn’t have done her or you any justice! I can’t help it either, I love her so much that I can’t stop talking about her! She is a dream come true and I can’t thank you enough! She is such a joy and it is so wonderful to see Logan be so happy to have a friend in his life again. They are both truly living their best lives together!” –Amanda A

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